Results Coaching Systems is associated with the Neuroleadership Institute which delivers unique brain based, process focused and outcome driven methodologies and frameworks that empower individuals to facilitate positive change. Through this coaching model I help clients move from where they currently are to where they would like to be through a solution based process. Through self-directed learning it helps clients create great insights and self-awareness.


Emotional Quotient, Emotional Intelligence. EQ is about becoming smarter with our feelings. Connecting the heart and the mind.  Emotional Intelligence is a learnable, measurable and scientifically validated skills set that fuels better relationships, effectiveness, wellbeing and quality of life for both adults and children.

Emotions are valuable signals that helps us survive and thrive. There are messages in the emotions we feel telling us how to be more effective, make better connections and find and follow our purpose. Tapping into these strengths will help us move forward in life.

It starts with 'what am I feeling?' This is where the self-awareness comes in. Then 'what options do I have?' This is where we look at how to respond, and what options are best. And finally 'what do I really want?' Looking at what your noble goal is, your northern star that guides you.

Through various EQ tools I am able to help you identify your strengths and look at how you can leverage these to help you develop the areas you find challenging.


Insightful tool that gives you a snapshot into how your brain works, your top talents and more. It is an ideal way to give you an indication of your EQ.

  • Brain Brief Profile: How does your brain focus, decide, and drive?

  • Brain Talent Profile: What are your brain’s key strengths for creating the future?

  • Brain Discovery Profile: How are your style, strengths, and challenges creating results?

  • Dashboard: What are the EQ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a group, team, or class?

  • Youth Profiles: As above, for children 


The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) is a suite of well validated, effective tests that measure EQ and equip people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action.

SEI offers a practical, powerful framework to understand and grow emotional intelligence. There is a growing body of research evidence that the learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence are the “Difference that makes the difference” 

The SEI-YV provides youth, family members, educators, and counsellors with a powerful tool for growth. The SEI-YV begins with an assessment of important life-outcomes – the “Barometers of Life” which include Good Health, Relationship Quality, Life Satisfaction, Personal Achievement, Self-Efficacy, and an overall composite.

The full “Youth Report” explains emotional intelligence and puts the concepts into a framework of the child’s current wellbeing

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