With the complexity of life I have specialized my coaching programmes to focus on various areas where individuals may require coaching. For more information please see below a breakdown of coaching offered.

Coaching Series 12 sessions

To establish exciting goals over 12 weeks

Develop sustainable strategies to help achieve these goals

Focus Coaching
4 sessions

 Weekly/bi-weekly sessions


 Focus areas:

Values & purpose

Work/Life, family/personal balance
Personal productivity
Decision making

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment

2 sessions to debrief the report

Develop some strategies to use EQ strengths and the growth of development areas around EQ

Emotional Intelligence Assessments
2 sessions
Relationship Coaching
4 sessions

Weekly/bi-weekly sessions

Coaching around conflict, tough conversations, communication and re-connecting. 

EQ Brain Profile Assessment
2 sessions

Debrief of selected report

Develop strategies to help with growth and development of EQ

Brain Brief Profile
 EQ assessment which looks at the   

way in which the brain process

emotional and cognitive data.
Establish your brain style

Brain Talent Profile
EQ assessment which look at your

top 6 brain talents which can assist 

you to use these talents to increase   

talents to assist you to make positive


Brand Discovery Profile
Exploring deeper into the brain     

talents and brain styles to identify       

areas of strength and growth

Up Coming

EQ Café Uncertainty – 27


April 2020 @ 10am SAST

EQ Café Burnout – TBC

EQ Café Compassion - TBC


Results Coaching Systems is associated with the Neuroleadership Institute which delivers unique brain based, process focused and outcome driven methodologies and frameworks that empower individuals to facilitate positive change. Through this coaching model I help clients move from where they currently are to where they would like to be through a solution based process. Through self-directed learning it helps clients create great insights and self-awareness.


Emotional Quotient, Emotional Intelligence. EQ is about becoming smarter with our feelings. Connecting the heart and the mind. Emotional Intelligence is a learnable, measurable and scientifically validated skills set that fuels better relationships, effectiveness, wellbeing and quality of life for both adults and children.

Emotions are valuable signals that helps us survive and thrive. There are messages in the emotions we feel telling us how to be more effective, make better connections and find and follow our purpose. Tapping into these strengths will help us move forward in life.

It starts with 'what am I feeling?' This is where the self-awareness comes in. Then 'what options do I have?' This is where we look at how to respond, and what options are best. And finally 'what do I really want?' Looking at what your noble goal is, your northern star that guides you.

Through various EQ tools I am able to help you identify your strengths and look at how you can leverage these to help you develop the areas you find challenging.